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Greetings fellow travellers,

My creative journey with photography is an evolving one. I am no camera geek–though at times  I certainly wish I  was. Yes indeed, a few geek cells would make practical life regarding photography much easier. If you care to share a few geek cells, I’m willing to trade some intuitive gray matter. 

I seldom shoot many photos of the same subject.  Usually I’m trying to capture as many views of what’s appealing as possible in a certain light.

As a visual artist nearly everything attracts my eye as potential subject material. I’m always observing the world around me.  But I find nature’s large and small landscapes and reflections most compelling.  I explore the interconnectedness of all things via visual and written art.  This focus is reflected in my pen/ink abstract energy-scapes ( and my writing which ranges from poetry to history.   

Most of the photographs on Shutterbug junkie were shot with a Minolta x 700.  I adore black and white film because of how it delineates details that are often “missed” by color.  Certain perspectives and visual qualities are heightened when viewed in black and white.  I see differently at night than during the day. Color photographs emphasize different aspects than what surfaces in black and white photos.        

Comments, questions, suggestions and funny stories are most welcome.  If you’re interested in purchasing a print, please  post a comment for making contact or email me:





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